AMD discusses raytracing at E3 2019, Navi with raytracing support?

AMD Radeon RX
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AMD announced that it will also be talking about raytracing at E3 2019. It is possible that the new Radeon Navi generation already supports the technology.

“We need to start talking about our raytracing strategy”

Since the new graphics card generation from Nvidia called Turing, real-time raytracing is virtually the latest trend among GPU manufacturers. Together with Microsoft’s DXR API, Nvidia has ushered in a new era in the calculation of images for games. Raytracing has been the order of the day in the film industry for quite some time now. With Turing, Nvidia has brought the ray calculation, which makes much more realistic pictures possible, into real-time gaming.

As a result, the competitor AMD has of course also come under pressure. At a Bank of America Merrill Lynch conference, Ruth Cotter, Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing, Human Resources and Investor Relations, spoke about raytracing. She confirmed that AMD will present details of the new Radeon Navi graphics card generation at E3 2019. Cotter also says that the company needs to start talking about its own raytracing strategy (transcript via Seeking Alpha).

Does Navi get raytracing support?

Already in the run-up to the E3 the speculations began that Navi could already offer support for Raytracing. Specifically, Sony also confirmed that the Playstation 5 comes with raytracing support. The PS5 uses a custom version of Navi. It would therefore be logical that the new graphics generation with RDNA architecture already offers direct support for the radiation calculation. It is completely unclear, however, which strategy AMD is following. In theory, every graphics card is capable of raytracing. So the support for DXR by Nvidia has also been activated for earlier GTX graphics cards.

Beyond Microsoft’s DXR, however, there are other approaches. Crytek for example published a raytracing demo of the CryEngine, which was completely calculated on a RX Vega 56. Therefore, it might well be that AMD is working on its own standard. As always, the integration depends on the game developers – as with DXR. This question will probably only be finally clarified at E3 2019. AMD’s Next Horizon Gaming event will take place on June 10 at 3 pm PT.

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