AMD boss Lisa Su to become Intel CEO, Intel will buy AMD for it if necessary

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A curious rumor comes from CES. AMD boss Lisa Su is supposed to become the new CEO of Intel. If there is no interest, Intel simply buys AMD.

Intel: who will be CEO?

There is currently some internal chaos at Intel. The company has been without a permanent boss for six months now. The former CEO Brian Krzanich was removed from the company after an internal affair with an employee became known. Since then, Robert Swan has held the position, but he is only the interim CEO. Intel has therefore been trying to find a new CEO for six months. The position was to be filled internally by an existing Intel employee. There is apparently no one from Intel’s own staff who is after the executive chair. An extremely curious rumor is now circulating. And again Intel seems to want to fish in the competitor’s staff.

AMD boss Lisa Su as Intel CEO, otherwise Intel simply buys AMD

At CES, an editor found out about a rumour from some analysts. According to the rumor, Intel intends to recruit the current AMD CEO Lisa Su, who has been with AMD since 2012 and took over as CEO in 2014. The fact that tech companies also poach managers and personnel from other companies at management level is nothing unusual. However, the analysts said that Intel would even be willing to buy AMD for this purpose. In fact, this is not about the technology of the competitor, but only about Su. The fact that one of Intel’s biggest and practically its only competitor in the x86 processor sector is disappearing would of course be a nice bonus.

We doubt that there is any truth about the takeover rumors. On the one hand Intel would have to buy up a company that currently has a market value of 62.8 billion US dollars, on the other hand the competition authorities would hardly approve a acquisition, as the company would thus become a monopolist in the x86 processor sector. But there might also be a bit of truth. It is possible that Intel was or is interested in Lisa Su as CEO , but has already been rejected.

Lisa Su would be in best company

But Lisa Su would actually be in best company at Intel. The company has recently poached several AMD managers. The most important was probably the former head of the Radeon Technology Group, Raja Koduri. He switched to Intel in 2018 and has been in charge of the graphics division ever since. He is currently developing graphics cards with the name Intel Xe, which are expected to be launched on the market in 2020.

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  1. Not sure I agree with the conclusion: surely best if she stays with AMD as they are going to dominate the sector now for a while and have a much better tech roadmap inbound

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