All details about Nvidia RTX 2060 including photos and benchmarks leaked out

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Founders Edition
(Picture: via Videocardz)

Nvidia prepares the RTX 2060 asTuring entry. Now comprehensive benchmarks, Founders Edition photos and all technical details leaked out.

This is the new middle class

The fact that Nvidia is currently in the preparatory phase for a comprehensive relaunch of the middle class graphics cards is no longer a secret. The leaks of recent weeks have revealed surprising and curious approaches how Nvidia might shape the middle class, which is so important for sales. On the one hand, there should be an RTX 2060 as an entry into the Turing architecture with raytracing hardware. On the other hand, there is supposedly also a GTX 1160 or GTX 1660 Ti as a cheaper offshoot without raytracing features. The last leaks also showed that the RTX 2060 comes with different memory expansion stages. As with the GTX 1060, there should be 3 and 6 gigabytes, but a 4 gigabyte variant is also planned. These memory levels are then divided into versions with GDDR5 and GDDR6 memory, which is why there should be six different models of the RTX 2060. However, shortly before the launch there is now the most comprehensive leak with all technical data and detailed benchmark results.

1,920 CUDA Cores and 1,680 MHz Boost Clock

Once again Videocardz has published the details. The already leaked details have been confirmed. The RTX 2060 contains 30 Turing compute units, corresponding to 1,920 CUDA cores, 240 Tensor cores, 30 RT cores, 120 TMUs and 48 ROPs. Also the boost clock is now confirmed. This should be at 1,680 MHz and be the same for both the reference version of the RTX 2060 and the Founders Edition. By the way, the RTX 2060 shares the chip with the RTX 2070. Both work with the TU106 chip, whereby the RTX 2070 uses the TU106-400 variant, while its little brother uses the TU106-300 chip. This makes the RTX 2060 a somewhat slimmed-down version of the RTX 2070, as can be seen in the comprehensive benchmarks that Videocardz has also leaked.

Raytracing On, performance level of the GTX 1070 Ti

They are supposed to be official data, which comes directly from Nvidia. The benchmarks were performed on a system with Intel Core i9-7900X and 16 gigabytes of unspecified RAM in Full HD and WQHD resolution. Especially interesting are the raytracing results from Battlefield 5. According to the official results, the RTX 2060 is also able to get some playable raytracing results on Full HD. According to Nvidia’s Reviewer’s Guide, the mid-range card achieves a good 90 FPS without raytracing. With activated raytracing at medium RT effects, 66 FPS should be possible, at high settings 58 FPS. Excitingly more should be possible with activated DLSS. According to the Guide, the combination of the two techniques creates 88 FPS with Full HD.

Otherwise, the performance level in the benchmarks of the Reviewer’s Guide is also very good. Thus, the RTX 2060 consistently achieves the performance level of the GTX 1070 ti at both tested resolutions. In some tests it even comes close to the GTX 1080, for example in Battlefield 1, Far Cry 5, Middle Earth – Shadow of War or PUBG. In Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, the GPU surpasses the GTX 1080 by far, just like in VR Mark Cyan.

Founders Edition and price leaked, available from January 15th

Videocardz has also leaked the first pictures of the Founders Edition. The RTX 2060 also gets the well-known Vapor Chamber design and will also be available as Founders Edition directly from Nvidia. The Founders Edition has an 8Pin connector as power source and slightly different connectors than the higher priced models. One Displayport connector is missing, which has been replaced by a DVI-D connector. The VirtualLink port is still available as a USB-C port.

The price should also be set now. The graphics card therefore has an MSRP of $349 US. The price had already appeared in the run-up. Also at the launch there is now a definite date. Nvidia presents the graphics card on January 7 at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The launch will take place a few days later. On 15 January, the RTX 2060 will be available as Founders Edition and Custom Design from both, the usual retailers and Nvidia. This would complete the Turing generation in terms of raytracing for the time being. The GTX 2050 or GTX 1150 will probably follow at a later date.

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