Leaks: Nvidia RTX 2060 as fast as GTX 1080, costs $350 US

Nvidia RTX 2060
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The RTX 2060 will be one of the most important graphics cards for Nvidia. Leaks now indicate a performance on GTX 1080 level at a price of 349 US dollars.

More and more leaks about the RTX 2060

Nvidia’s RTX 2060 has been rumoured for several weeks now. So it won’t be long before the launch. This is confirmed by more and more leaks and analyses with real data. One of the biggest bombs has now dropped by Igor Wallossek of Tom’s Hardware Germany. The IT journalist is always well informed, especially in the graphics card sector, and has excellent connections not only with Nvidia and AMD but also with the board partners. On the one hand he confirms some information that has already been leaked to the RTX 2060, on the other hand he adds valuable estimates and data to the overall picture of the RTX 2060.

Wallossek mentions a lot of data in his report. The most interesting data might be the data on the hardware setup of the RTX 2060. Among other things, he confirms the last leak from Videocardz, in which the number of cores was made public for the first time. The graphics card is said to have 1,920 CUDA cores, 120 texture units (TMUs) and 48 raster units (ROPs). This also fits to the leaked 30 compute units, which would therefore indicate 240 tensor and 30 RT cores. However, Wallossek does not yet commit himself to these data. So it remains to be seen whether the RTX 2060 will come with raytracing hardware or not.

The tech journalist also makes initial statements about the clock rate. So the base clock should be at 1.320 MHz, while the boost clock is at 1.620 MHz. In an OC variant, the base clock should be 1.365 MHz, while the boost clock should be 1.680 MHz. The specifications for OC versions are already fixed and could therefore come directly from board partners. Wallossek also confirms the built-in memory, 6 Gigabytes of GDDR6. The clock remains at 7,000 MHz, which results in a bandwidth of 336 Gbps with a 192 bit memory interface.

RTX 2060 at GTX 1080 level

However, it does not get really exciting until you enter the performance data. According to a chart that shows 3DMark Time Spy results and is said to come directly from Nvidia, the RTX 2060 achieves 7,523 points. It thus lies between the GTX 1070 Ti with 6.797 points and the RTX 2070, which achieves 8.398 points. The RTX 2060 in Time Spy would therefore be roughly at the level of the GTX 1080, while it outperforms the 1070 Ti by a good 11 percent. The GTX 1070 is outperformed by the graphics card by 25 percent, while it is even 79 percent faster than its direct predecessor, the GTX 1060. Igor Wallossek also knows exact results from internal tests of the board partners, which he is not allowed to comment on because of an NDA.

Nvidia RTX 2060 Time Spy Benchmark
(Picture: via Tom’s Hardware/Igor Wallossek)

349 US dollars for the RTX 2060

The journalist can also conjure up a prize out of his hat. Manufacturers currently claim that the RTX 2060 is said to have an MSRP price of 349 US dollars. However, the price is still anything but set, but the approximate price direction is to be expected. The price is valid especially for the launch of the RTX 2060. Later, lower prices for the graphics card series could come due to cheaper boards. This would also guarantee a bearable entry price.

Whether Nvidia already announces the RTX 2060 for the CES 2019 remains to be seen. According to Igor Wallossek, however, mass production will be imminent shortly. An introduction at CES would therefore be quite conceivable. Possibly Nvidia plans its own event after the CES.

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