ReShade: GTA V mod enables raytracing

GTA V Raytracing ReShade
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ReShade Global Illumination enables raytracing for almost any game. A developer has now published a mod for GTA V with the ray technique.

ReShade brings raytracing effects to every game

Ever since the Nvidia Turing generation has existed, there has been one word on everyone’s lips: raytracing. The ray technology enables an even more accurate representation of reflections and incidence of light. However, this requires relatively much hardware power for Nvidia’s approach. The RTX graphics cards have their own tensor and RT cores, which together with the shaders provide the raytracing effects.

However, raytracing is not really widespread yet. Although some games like Battlefield 5, Shadow of the Tomb Raider or Metro: Exodus have already integrated effects, most of the games haven’t yet. Also upcoming games build in raytracing rather hesitantly. The developer Pascal Gilcher, who worked on ANSEL at Nvidia, has now integrated Global Illumination and Raytracing into his ReShade mod. With ReShade, raytracing effects can be achieved in virtually any game. Such a mod already exists for Minecraft. A community member of Gilcher has now developed an alpha mod for GTA V that integrates raytracing into the game.

GTA V with raytracing support

The member with the name MrStevens has shown very impressively in a video what his alpha mod changes. In the scenes, clearly changed lighting conditions are visible, which make GTA V appear much more real. This shows once again how useful raytracing can be for games. It is not yet known when the mod will be publicly available. Also the hardware requirements are not known. It remains to be seen whether it will be possible to play GTA V with raytracing effects in the near future. In future Grand Theft Auto games, however, raytracing support would definitely be a fancy thing.

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