Motherboard Fan: MSI confirms high temperature of X570 chipset

MSI AMD X570 Ryzen 3000 Lüfter Fan
(Picture: Screenshot/MSI-Livestream)

MSI talked in a livestream about the leaked pictures of the first X570 motherboards. The fan on top of the chipset is necessary because of high temperatures.

X570 needs a fan

In a few days AMD plans to present the new generation of Ryzen called Ryzen 3000 at Computex in Taipei. With up to 16 cores at 7nm structure width, the processors herald a new era for the company. For the launch there will be new motherboards with new chipsets as usual. AMD continues the series and equips Ryzen 3000 with a X570 chipset in the high-end models. Some leaked pictures already confirm that the motherboards are ready to go. On it you can see different models from different manufacturers.

But these pictures all have one thing in common. No matter which manufacturer the motherboard comes from, a small fan is installed on top of the chipset on all of them. This fan is apparently responsible for the cooling of the X570 chipset, which indicates a high heat development. MSI has now confirmed this in a livestream.

MSI confirms high waste heat of X570

The two marketing managers Eric van Beurden and Pieter Arts have surprisingly talked about the upcoming X570 mainboards in a livestream (1h 33m 9s) for Computex 2019. MSI receives many comments about the small fans on the motherboards. In the livestream van Beurden promptly showed a X570 motherboard from MSI with said fan. He says that nobody wants these fans, but that they are necessary so that the fast functions of the motherboard are not restricted.

Nobody wants this, but it’s much needed for this platform because it has a lot of speedy things inside and we need to make sure you can use them. So that’s why we need proper cooling.

Eric van Beurden, MSI Marketing Director

The fact that small fans are necessary on motherboards is actually a relic of the past. But with X570 AMD seems to have developed a relatively warm chipset that is supposedly responsible for 40 PCIe 4.0 lanes and many other features. The main problem is the size of the fan. Such small fans often need a high speed to be effective, which can result in an annoying sound. But MSI also knows how to calm this situation. The fan was developed together with the graphics card department in order to be as quiet as possible. A Zero Frozr mode is also planned, in which the fan only starts at a certain temperature. However, MSI does not specify what temperature this is.

MSI shows two X570 mainboards in livestream

In the livestream, the two marketing managers also present two mainboards of the upcoming X570 series. Although the names and a few details are taped, that these are motherboards for Ryzen 3000 is more than clear. The cheaper one is called MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus, one of the top models is called MSI MEG X570 Ace. The Ace mainboard comes with up to three M.2 SSD slots. It is also exciting that MSI connects the coolers of the VRM phases and the chipset with a heatpipe in order to have the waste heat better under control. The design is kept without the typical MSI red and comes instead in black and gold. There is also a display on the connector cover. The motherboard is also one of the first motherboards with WiFi 6. More information will be available at Computex next week.

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