Nvidia Turing: RTX 2060 benchmark leaked, faster than Vega 56

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The not yet released Nvidia Turing graphics card RTX 2060 has appeared in the Final Fantasy XV benchmark. It is faster than the Radeon Pro Vega 56.

RTX 2060 appears in Final Fantasy XV benchmark

With Turing, Nvidia currently only serves the high-end market. The RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti cost at present also correspondingly much. Due to the lack of competition from AMD, Nvidia can also keep its prices high. The middle class below the RTX 2070 is still missing. Today, the Leaker TUM APISAK noticed an entry in the Final Fantasy XV database. A RTX 2060 can be found there. It achieves 2,589 points in the UHD High Quality benchmark and is above the Radeon Pro Vega 56, the professional version of the RX Vega 56, in this one specific benchmark. With the result, the graphics card is just below the Maxwell flagship Quadro M6000, but is also a good 160 points behind the GTX 1070.

How much this benchmark says is of course difficult to say by now. On the one hand, it should be mentioned that Final Fantasy XV is basically better optimized for Nvidia graphics cards. On the other hand, a potential RTX 2060 probably belongs more in the mid-range and thus in the Full HD range. The UHD benchmark is therefore probably the wrong choice. Basically, the graphics card fits into the usual scheme. The RTX 2080 achieves 4,880 points in the same benchmark and is about twice as fast. This was also the case with the predecessor series Pascal when comparing the GTX 1060 with the GTX 1080.

RTX 2060 with raytracing hardware?

Interesting is also the name, which seems to carry the RTX name. Jensen Huang had already recently announced in a telephone conference that the upcoming mid-range card would be launched with Turing architecture and not with a Pascal refresh. However, there were no details if the 2060 would also support raytracing. The RTX 2070 is already at the limit when it comes to raytracing performance. That’s why we and others considered it extremely unlikely that Nvidia would use the expensive Tensor and RT cores in the 2060 at all. It seemed logical that the graphics card would simply be called GTX 2060 due to the lack of raytracing hardware.

The fact that Nvidia now uses the RTX name for the RTX 2060 could also be for marketing reasons. We continue to doubt that raytracing hardware is built into the mainstream graphics card at all. If the RTX 2060 is at the performance level of the GTX 1070, its biggest opponent will probably be the recently leaked AMD Navi graphics card with 40 CUs.

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