AMD Navi 7nm runs already in the lab and performs better than expected

AMD Radeon RX
(Picture: AMD)

AMD’s upcoming graphics card generation called Navi will be launched in 2019. First test samples already run in the lab and perform better than expected.

Why Navi is so important

AMD will launch a new generation of graphics cards next year. The architecture, called Navi, is aimed at the mid-range market in particular. The architecture is the successor of Polaris and not of Vega. AMD wants to take advantage of one of the most lucrative markets for graphics cards. It is still unclear whether and when a high-end Navi derivative will be released. However, the mainstream market is clearly more important. The leaks of the last days, in which there is mention of a RX 590 with 12nm structure, also show this. The graphics card could serve mainly as a buffer until the release of Navi and is important for the holiday season. Interestingly, Nvidia listed a GTX 1060 with GDDR5X memory shortly afterwards. While the RX 590 and the GTX 1060 with GDDR5X memory are just old graphics cards, Navi is supposed to be a new development. The architecture comes after Vega 20 at the end of 2018 as a second architecture with 7nm structure width and thereby becomes more efficient and more powerful.

First Navi graphics cards in the lab exceed expectations

The page Fudzilla already has some information. The first graphics cards are supposed to be running in AMD labs. This would fit well into the schedule that AMD normally follows. Thus there was also the confirmation of a GPU in the laboratory of Vega 20, which is still to appear at the end of 2018, but from AMD itself. However, the Navi graphics cards are not yet finished products. It seems that the first engineering samples are currently being tested.

However, Fudzillla goes one step further. According to their sources, the graphics card should perform much better than previously assumed. Unfortunately, there are no concrete details, it could be about both the performance and the energy efficiency. When the first graphics cards of this architecture will come onto the market is not easy to say at the moment. The latest information indicated that AMD might already announce the first details of the new generation at the CES in early January. However, Fudzilla states in the article that Navi will definitely not be on the market until the second half of 2019, if everything goes as planned in the third quarter. We will probably not know when until 2019.

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