Sennheiser GSP 670: Premium headset goes wireless

Sennheiser GSP 670
(Picture: Sennheiser)

Sennheiser today introduced the GSP 670. In addition to excellent audio characteristics, the headset should also score points for its good wireless connection.

GSP 670: Sennheiser enters the wireless market

The German audio specialist Sennheiser is still a fairly young manufacturer in the field of gaming headsets. The company has only recently entered the market, while maintaining the same standards as its traditional headsets, which are popular with many sound professionals. The GSP 670 is also new territory for Sennheiser. Wireless headsets must be able to do much more than the conventional criteria.

Low latency is especially important for gaming headsets. To ensure this, Sennheiser has developed its own low latency technology for the GSP 670, which runs via the GSA 70 dongle. This can be connected via USB to Windows PCs and Playstation 4 and provides an almost latency-free connection, which is therefore not a disadvantage. There is also support for Bluetooth. Sennheiser has come up with something special here. The GSP 670 can be connected to various devices simultaneously via Bluetooth and the GSA 70 dongle. The output does not work in parallel, but if, for example, a call comes along via smartphone, you can accept it with the headset. After the call, the GSP 670 switches back to the low latency connection.

GSP 670 with closed design and noise cancelling microphone

On the sonic side, there is a closed headphone, which is primarily intended to benefit the bass. Typical for Sennheiser, the GSP 670 should nevertheless have a particularly balanced sound and maximum fidelity. The sound can also be changed at will under Windows with the Sennheiser Gaming Suite. The new noise cancelling microphone is also said to have received a great deal of care. This actively filters any unwanted background noise. Sennheiser uses microphones from the broadcast sector for this purpose. To mute, simply fold the microphone upwards. The GSP 670 also offers the option of controlling voice chat and gaming sounds separately via two rotary knobs.

16 hours of low latency gaming and automatic shutdown

Sennheiser has also given some thought to the battery of the GSP 670. The integrated battery lasts 16 hours in low latency mode and up to 20 hours in Bluetooth. To prevent the battery from accidentally running out, the headset automatically switches off when not in use and on again when the user wants to use it. The gaming headset is charged via USB, seven minutes of charging time should be enough for two hours of wireless gaming. Of course, the gaming headset can still be used during charging. The USB connection can also replace the wireless connection.

Sennheiser has also come up with something special for comfort. The GSP 670 can be adapted to the individual head shape of the user. The contact pressure is also adjustable. The hinges are made of metal to guarantee a long service life. The material of the ear pads is similar to artificial leather, but should not stick to the skin even during intensive sessions.

Price: 349 Euros, available from 1 July

However, Sennheiser also lets you pay a premium price for all these premium features. The GSP 670 can now be pre-ordered directly from the manufacturer for 349 Euros. The market launch will take place on July 1st. Those who pre-order directly from Sennheiser will also receive a GSA 50 holder worth a good 35 Euros free of charge.

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