Seasonic at Computex: against cable chaos with Connect, passive 700 watts and SFX with 800 watts

Seasonic Connect Computex 2019
(Picture: Seasonic)

Seasonic presented the cable management module Connect at Computex 2019. There was also a passive 700 watts and an 800 watts SFX power supply to see.

Seasonic expands further

Seasonic, one of the most popular power supply manufacturers in our community according to our surveys, naturally also had a huge booth at Computex 2019. For a power supply manufacturer it is quite remarkable to fill so much exhibition space in general. But the fact that there were still so many news surprised me a little bit. During my conversation with Nils Stallmach it quickly became clear why Seasonic is so popular in our community. The manufacturer takes paths that others have not gone before.

Seasonic Connect: a power supply behind the motherboard tray

Probably the most exciting innovation is the “power supply behind the motherboard tray”, called Connect by the manufacturer. With Connect, cable management is to be significantly simplified. With conventional power supplies, the PC builder has two different problems at once. For many routes the cables are clearly too long and therefore take up a lot of space, for other routes the cables are too short to be laid cleanly.

Seasonic avoids these problems by splitting the power supply into two components. In the lower part of the case a “normal” power supply of the Prime series is installed. From this, however, only strong 12-volt lines permanently installed on the power supply unit lead to the second part of Connect, the cable management bar. This is located on the back of the motherboard tray and is fixed there with magnets. The bar itself then converts the 12 volts into all the voltages required to power the motherboard and the rest of the computer’s components. On the left side you will also find the usual connectors, which can be found on every Seasonic power supply. The cable path remains as short as possible and even special cables, for example with other sleeves, can be installed in a much more space-saving way.

Seasonic Connect will be launched this year. The first units are to be delivered together with a 750 watt Prime Gold series power supply unit in mid-August. The price is said to be around 200 Euros. Nils Stallmach said that the 750 watts version will be launched first, but does not rule out further models for later. Currently Seasonic also takes the time to test Connect in as many cases as possible. The bar is as thin as possible, but does not fit in all cases, so a compatibility list is very important.

New 1600 watts power supply unit

In addition to Connect, there are also innovations in other power supply families. In the past, Seasonic only built power supplies with up to 1300 watts. Power supply units above simply made no sense for the manufacturer. With the growing requirements of the new Intel generation and the Nvidia Turing graphics cards, especially in a SLI system, the desire for more performance from more and more customers was there. That’s why Seasonic presented a new Prime Titanium power supply with 1600 watts of power at Computex 2019. The power supply has grown slightly in length. Like the entire Prime series, the 1600 watt model comes with the highest quality components such as Japanese capacitors. This also makes the 80Plus Titanium certification possible, the highest certification in general.

Seasonic Prime Titanium 1600 Computex 2019
(Picture: Seasonic)

700 watts passive, 800 watts in SFX-L format

Particularly impressive, however, are the expansions in two further power supply families. So far Seasonic had only two models in its Prime Fanless series. These power supplies are passively cooled and therefore do not require a fan. Therefore there are no disturbing noises. Besides the Platinum Fanless 400 Watt there is also the Prime Titanium Fanless 600 Watt. With the Prime Titanium 700 Watt, the company is now adding a new dimension at Computex. The Prime series is also duly equipped with only high-quality components and an 80Plus Titanium certification. Thus Seasonic has the strongest passive power supply currently available on the market.

Seasonic Prime Titanium Fanless 700
(Picture: Seasonic)

We’re also continuing with Titanium. This year the Focus SGX series started with two models. These are particularly small power supplies in SFX-L format, which find their place in very small PCs. The two models have 450 and 650 watts of power and are cooled semi passively. With the new Prime STX-800, Seasonic now goes one step further. The model still comes in SFX-L format and in the same design as the SGX brothers, but with 800 watts of power and 80Plus Titanium certification again. Cooling continues to be semi-passive, so the fan only starts when there is actual demand.

Seasonic Prime STX 800 Titanium
(Picture: Seasonic)
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