Fans asked for a toaster, Razer will actually build one

Razer Breadwinner Razer Toaster
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For five years, fans asked for a toaster from the accessories manufacturer Razer. The company has now announced that it is actually developing a toaster.

Give us the Razer Toaster!

Razer is probably one of the best known manufacturers of accessories on the PC market with a very catchy design. The Razer logo and green color stand out almost everywhere. With a very chic design, the company appeals to many gamers. This raised the question more than five years ago why Razer doesn’t actually develop kitchen equipment. Even more concrete: why is there no Razer toaster? Min-Liang Tan, CEO of the company, also had to ask himself this question. First dismissed as fun, an entire community developed around a potential toaster of the brand. With the Facebook group and later a Facebook page with the name “Give us the Razer Toaster”, the community quickly grew and also aroused the interest of the manufacturer.

Project BreadWinner becomes reality with 12 tattoos

On April 1, 2016 the time had finally come. Razer announced in a video that with the project BreadWinner they finally have a toaster in their program. In addition to functions like a burned-in Razer logo on every toast slice and USB 3.0 ports, there should also be a function for colored butter. Of course it was an April fool’s joke in cooperation with the founders of the Facebook page “Give us the Razer toaster”.

Three years later, however, an April fool’s joke seems to become reality after all. After years of patience from the community, CEO Min-Liang Tan finally promised to actually make the toaster reality, if they reach one million likes on the Facebook page. As a bonus, Tan also announced that each tattoo of the Razer toaster would be rated as 100,000 likes. With currently 44,000 likes on the Facebook page, Team Toaster is apparently still far away. However, at the promise of Min-Liang Tan, twelve fans actually got a personal interpretation of the Razer toaster tattooed on their bodies.

Development takes several years

After these 12 tattoos the Razer CEO was finally persuaded. In a Facebook post, he announced he was putting together an engineering and design team to make the Razer toaster come true. Although the development will take years, he keeps his word and turns the toaster into a community affair. And what is another two to three years after five years of waiting?

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