Pasta PC: Artists builds working PC into a lasagna

Pasta PC Laplanet Arts
(Picture: Screenshot YouTube/Laplanet Arts)

PC builds usually have nothing to do with food. However, an artist has now built a working PC inside a lasagna.

When the lasagna is a PC

In PC modding there are normally no limits to the creativity of the hobbyists. In addition to a lot of RGB lighting, water cooling and outstanding design, there are also completely crazy projects. The YouTuber Laplanet Arts has now presented such a project in his video. The basic building material for his PC is nothing less than pasta.

Since computer parts are unfortunately very difficult to build from noodles, Laplanet Arts first dismantled an old Asus laptop. He then processed the computer parts from it into a lasagna with a lot of hot glue, lasagna pasta plates, various noodles and paint. Although the lasagna lacks tomato sauce, meat and cheese, the project is aesthetically pleasing due to the appropriate painting. And: the PC is still working! Since this is laptop hardware, however, the Pasta PC is probably mainly suitable for streaming or as HTPC. But let’s be honest: who wouldn’t like a PC made of lasagna?

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