Nvidia Turing: Gigabyte RTX 2060 Photos and Specs leaked

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Leak
(Picture: via Videocardz)

Nvidia has not yet launched a middle-class graphics card of the Turing generation. Now an RTX 2060 of Gigabyte including photos and technical data leaked.

RTX 2060: Nvidia’s new middle class?

With the new Turing generation, Nvidia has brought one topic in particular to the spotlight: raytracing. Even the old-established GTX abbreviation had to give way to an RTX abbreviation to point out the raytracing capabilities. However, for raytracing some special changes were necessary. For example, the RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti have also built in more special tensor and raytracing cores in addition to the normal CUDA cores. Previously, these were only present in the Volta architecture. However, the disadvantage of raytracing hardware is also clearly visible. The size of the chips and the prices have grown significantly. The Founders Edition of the RTX 2080 Ti costs 1,199 bucks, the cheapest custom model a good 1,200 bucks. Even the models underneath don’t look very rosy.

With Turing, Nvidia has completely ignored the middle class at the moment. There is no successor for the GTX 1060 yet. And also the price question is extremely delicate. Since raytracing still devours a lot of power and for example in Battlefield 5 throws the players back from 4K gaming to Full HD, it doesn’t make sense to build raytracing hardware into a middle class card with a low price. Despite everything, Nvidia apparently calls the successor of the GTX 1060 RTX 2060, but if the RTX 2060 does the same price increase as the other RTX models, Nvidia might have a hard time beating AMD in this sector. A new leak now shows the specifications of the RTX 2060 for the first time.

1,920 CUDA cores, 6 Gigabyte GDDR6

The website Videocardz got photos and technical data of an upcoming RTX 2060 via insiders at Gigabyte. The graphics card therefore comes with 30 compute units, which would correspond to 1,920 CUDA cores with 64 cores per CU. This number corresponds exactly to the CUDA core count of the GTX 1070, so it would definitely be an increase. When it comes to the graphics memory, Nvidia has stuck to the capacity of its predecessor. 6 gigabytes of GDDR6 are installed. However, the memory is still at an advantage due to the new technology. The clock rate is 1,200 MHz, but it could still be a reference clock rate or an engineering sample. With this configuration, the RTX 2060 could also exceed the performance of a GTX 1070.

Whether the RTX 2060 is equipped with raytracing hardware is not shown by the leak. However, the other RTX graphics cards would only have 30 RT cores and 240 Tensor cores built in, which would be slightly less compared to the RTX 2070 (36 RT and 288 Tensor cores). It could therefore still be the case that the RTX 2060 did not use any raytracing hardware in order to remain competitive in price. The graphics card could soon come onto the market. The latest rumors were that Nvidia will present it together with the mobile versions of the Turing generation at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

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