Nvidia Ampere coming 2020 and allegedly manufactured in 7nm by Samsung

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Nvidia Ampere is expected to come in 2020. The GPU comes with a 7nm structure width, but is supposed to be manufactured by Samsung instead of TSMC.

7nm at Nvidia probably coming with Ampere

Due to AMD, the 7nm manufacturing process is currently particularly in focus. With the Radeon VII, the company already has a consumer card with 7nm on the market, Ryzen 3000 is also manufactured in 7nm. In addition, in the third quarter there will be the Navi GPUs, which will also be manufactured with a 7nm structure width. At Intel, the switch to 10nm is currently on the agenda, which should roughly correspond to TSMC’s 7nm technology. Nvidia, on the other hand, currently still manufactures using the 12nm process. Or lets manufacture, at TSMC. The next big step for the company is therefore also 7nm.

Even before the start of Turing, Volta’s successor was already under discussion. This will be called Ampere and will be the first GPU generation from Nvidia to be manufactured using the 7nm process. It has long been assumed that Ampere will also be manufactured by TSMC. According to new information, however, this time Samsung will be the foundry.

Nvidias 7nm at Samsung, not TSMC

According to the Taiwanese industry magazine DigiTimes, there has been a change in manufacturers. While Nvidia had almost exclusively manufactured at TSMC (exceptions are, for example, the GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti, some of which were also manufactured at Samsung), the first 7nm GPU of the company is supposed to look different. It could be from Samsung. EUV lithography plays a major role here. Samsung and TSMC have been competing head-to-head for years in ultraviolet exposure manufacturing technology. But now Samsung seems to have a lead over TSMC, which is why Nvidia decided to manufacture in their factories instead of TSMC. However, it is unlikely that all Ampere GPUs will be manufactured by Samsung. One part will probably continue to come from TSMC, the largest foundry in the world.

There is also new information about the launch period. Accordingly, Nvidia plans the Ampere generation for the year 2020, which means that there will be no new graphics processors with a 7nm structure width this year. In doing so, the company would again adhere to the usual two-year period.

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