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The Steam gaming platform celebrated a very special anniversary on April 28. On this day, the billionth account was registered.

Steam: from a small platform to one billion accounts

Every PC gamer should be familiar with the Steam platform. It serves as an online store, client for multiplayer, chat tool, update management and player statistics at the same time. But the publisher Valve hadn’t even planned it that way. In 1999, the games Team Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike were so popular that the company was considering a new approach to the management of online games. The consensus was quickly reached to develop a central platform that would also serve as a store. Enquiries at Amazon, Yahoo or Cisco Systems to develop such a platform were never answered, so Valve started to develop it itself. At the end of 2003, the first Steam client went online, which was initially only used for testing purposes.

With Half-Life 2, the client was then mandatory for Valve games. Since 2008, Steamworks has also provided a free way for developers to integrate Steam features into their games. With the release of Skyrim via Steam, the platform’s success could no longer be slowed down. Despite competition from other publishers who have launched clients like Origin or the Epic Games Store, Steam continues to dominate the market. On April 28, 2019, Valve reached the milestone of one billion registered accounts.

Steam has one billion registered accounts

Valve has dominated the games market with Steam for quite some time. But now the client has reached a new milestone. According to the website Steam ID Finder, there have been one billion registered accounts since 28 April. The user with the name amusedsilentdragonfly carries the steamID3 identification [U:1:1000000000] and is thus the billionth account. Although the number also include a lot blocked, deleted or inactive accounts, the number is still impressive. The increase is mainly due to the expansion into emerging gaming markets such as China.

Valve had already published some interesting statistics in January. At that time, there were 90 million active users. At the same time 18.5 million users used Steam in the highest case, the average of the users who are online at the same time is about 16 million players.

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