Ryzen 3000: Biostar presents X570 motherboards at Computex

ASRock X570 Ryzen 3000
(Picture: Screenshot ASRock Video)

The manufacturer Biostar has announced that it will present the first X570 mainboards at Computex. Thus, the Ryzen 3000 launch has probably been confirmed.

First X570 mainboards at Computex

AMD will launch a new generation of Ryzen in the middle of this year. As usual, these Ryzen 3000 processors are accompanied by a new generation of mainboards. Although the old motherboards support the new generation, new features usually only work with the new motherboards. In the case of Ryzen 3000, this is the X570 high-end chipset. It replaces X470 and provides support for the new PCIe standard PCIe 4.0.

The mainboard manufacturer Biostar has now announced in a press release when the first X570 mainboards will be released. At Computex 2019, the motherboard manufacturer will be bringing new motherboards from the RACING series for the next Ryzen generation. Although the press release has meanwhile disappeared again, it is unlikely to have been a false report. ASRock has also teased upcoming Phantom Gaming mainboards in some teasers on social media platforms like Facebook. Whether these are motherboards for AMD remains open, but it is more than likely.

Ryzen 3000 could also start with X570

The fact that the first X570 mainboards will be launched at Computex 2019 could also be an indication that AMD could present the Ryzen 3000 generation at the show. Lisa Su gives the CEO keynote at the beginning of Computex in Taipei, the perfect opportunity to introduce new products. In addition to the Zen 2 processors, which could deliver up to 16 cores at 5.1 GHz into the mainstream, Epyc 2 will probably also start, also with Zen 2 architecture and up to 64 cores. The AMD CEO could also present a preview or at least further details on the new Navi generation at the keynote. The fact that the first X570 mainboards will already be on display at Computex is an indication that AMD is also officially introducing Ryzen 3000.

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