Radeon Navi: Flagship allegedly performs just below the RTX 2080, launch at E3 2019

AMD RX 3080 Radeon Navi
(Picture: AMD)

AMD launches Radeon Navi this year as mainstream GPU series with 7nm structure width. The fastest model is supposed to perform just below the RTX 2080.

Radeon Navi: Mainstream and cheap?

At AMD, the focus this year is primarily on the 7nm structure width. After the introduction of the Radeon VII as the first consumer GPU with 7nm, Zen 2 processors in the form of Ryzen 3000 and Epyc 2 will follow in the middle of the year. But even more will happen when it comes to graphics cards. AMD is currently preparing the launch of the Radeon Navi generation. This is the successor of the Polaris architecture and designed for the mainstream. A leak from AdoredTV in December 2018 then revealed what AMD (could) be up to. Accordingly, the top model named RX 3080 is supposed to come close to the performance of the RTX 2070 from Nvidia, but costs only 250 US dollars. Among it are two more models named RX 3070 and RX 3060, which are supposed to compete against the RTX 2060 and GTX 1660 (Ti), but are also cheaper with 229 and 179 US dollars respectively.

It is quite likely that AMD could actually offer such fast graphics cards and thus cover the mainstream. A competition to their own Radeon VII doesn’t really make sense, so only the places below are really an option. However, the supposedly favourable price is doubtful. It would simply make no sense to keep the prices so low right from the start. It is therefore probable that AMD will follow the RTX graphics cards in terms of price, but will be a good deal cheaper. However, the performance scale could actually be right, as a new leak shows.

Fastest Navi GPU just below the RTX 2080, presentation at E3

The colleagues from TweakTown have received some interesting information about the Navi generation. Although the news page does not confirm any names, it does mention the performance. So the fastest Navi graphics card should easily beat the RX Vega 64 and generally perform only just below the RTX 2080. The main opponent should therefore once again be the RTX 2070. In terms of price, AMD could also orient on the RTX 2070, but with a launch price of e.g. 399 US Dollars/Euros, the RX 3080 could be significantly cheaper.

Further information on the launch is also available. While Ryzen 3000 will probably be presented at Computex, another date may be planned for Navi. Shortly after Computex in Taipei, E3 2019 will take place from 12 to 14th June in Los Angeles. The event is more gaming oriented, which would go well with Navi. However, the new graphics generation will only be presented at the trade fair. The graphics cards will go on sale together with Ryzen 3000 on 7th of July, as an earlier leak shows. Whether it will come that way and what it will look like in concrete terms will probably be seen at Computex and E3 at the earliest.

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