AMD Navi: PCB with GDDR6 and 256 bit interface leaked out

AMD Radeon RX Navi Logo Mockup
A mockup based on the Vega logo. (Picture: Mockup PCBC)

A leaked photo shows an unknown AMD graphics card PCB. It shows pins for GDDR6 memory and a 256 bit interface. It could be a Navi PCB.

AMD Navi with GDDR6?

While Nvidia already completely relies on GDDR6 with the new Turing architecture, AMD has gone another way. The RX Vega graphics cards rely on HBM2, the new Radeon VII also comes with HBM2 memory. The memory is similarly fast as GDDR6, but has some space advantages because it can be stacked. The big disadvantage is the price. The 16 GB HBM2 memory of the Radeon VII alone costs over 320 US dollars.

HBM2 memory was certainly also under discussion for the upcoming Radeon Navi generation. AMD is already used to it, while GDDR6 memory would probably still be uncharted territory. Already last year, however, the memory manufacturer Micron said that two large graphics card manufacturers will rely on GDDR6 in 2019. Since Nvidia already sets with Turing on GDDR6, only AMD remains (at present). A leaked AMD-PCB indicates that actually GDDR6 memory could be used for Navi.

Supposed Navi PCB with GDDR6 connections leaked

The leaked pictures come from a post of the Chinese network Baidu which has already been deleted again. They show two previously unknown PCBs from AMD graphics cards. Some special features can be seen. The biggest hit might be the GDDR6 interfaces. So on the PCB eight interfaces for the memory chips are to be seen, which are definitely meant for GDDR6 memories on the basis of the pin number. From this you can infer a 256 bit interface. Depending on the memory chips used, eight or 16 gigabytes of GDDR6 memory would be possible on this PCB. Other special features stand out as well. Eight VRM phases and two 8-pin connectors for the power supply are built in. Buildzoid from Actually Hardcore Overclocking has also posted a detailed analysis of this on YouTube.

Performance below Radeon VII?

It is considered very likely that the PCB is actually the board of a Radeon Navi graphics card. The two 8-pin connectors suggest the top model, which could be called the RX 3080 and is supposed to perform at RTX 2070 level. This would also fit well with the scheme. While AMD has a top model in the race with the Radeon VII with a lot of HBM2 memory and a fast 1 TB/s connection, a RX 3080 below at RTX 2070 level and cheaper GDDR6 memory would definitely make sense. AMD itself once declared that a 256-bit interface was not meant for enthusiasts. The GDDR6 memory could also contribute to a much cheaper price. Already for Computex 2019 AMD could publish new details about Navi.

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