Radeon Navi might launch at Gamescom 2019

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According to a new report, AMD’s new graphics card generation Navi will not be launched before August. The Gamescom 2019 is a possible date.

How far has AMD come with Navi?

AMD is currently preparing another new product with a 7nm structure width in addition to Ryzen 3000. The new graphics card generation, which is called Navi, will cover the mid-range price level. According to a big leak, the models carry the names RX 3060, RX 3070 and RX 3080. The RX 3080 is supposed to be as fast as a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070, but costs only 250 US dollars.

However, it is still difficult to assess yet if the information is correct. AMD presented the Radeon VII at CES 2019 at the beginning of the year, which is still based on Vega, but also uses the 7nm structure width. It reaches approximately the performance level of the RTX 2080, but costs a proud $700, mainly due to 16 gigabytes of expensive HBM2 memory. We know that AMD or better said TSMC is capable of 7nm. However, it was repeatedly said that there were delays in Navi, because the quality and yield was not yet sufficient. That’s why the question also arises: how far has AMD already got with Navi? A new report now wants to know when the first graphics cards will come onto the market.

Navi arrives at Gamescom 2019

The latest information, allegedly coming directly from AMD, points to a release period at the beginning of the second half of the year. Later there was also information that Navi could probably not come onto the market until the fourth quarter and not as planned in the third quarter of 2019. Finally, a joint launch date of Navi and the new Ryzen 3000 processor series on the 7th of July was discussed. The date with the reference to the two digits 7 would fit well to two 7nm products.

However, the website wccftech now claims to have received a different date from unspecified sources. According to this, Navi is only supposed to launch a good month after Ryzen 3000. Should AMD actually choose July the 7th or even Computex 2019 for the new Ryzen generation, a date in August would be necessary. Two events will take place during this period: Siggraph and Gamescom 2019. Since Navi is a consumer product, Gamescom is much more likely. Like Nvidia last year, AMD could present the new graphics cards at the Gaming exhibition in Cologne.

It is not yet known whether this means a pure presentation or a direct market launch. If it is a presentation, a common date for the launch of Ryzen 3000 and Navi on July the 7th is actually no longer possible. However, a sales launch at Gamescom also makes July the 7th possible as the date of the presentation or at least for a preview.

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