Radeon Navi: benchmarks leaked, faster than RX Vega 64

AMD Radeon RX Navi Logo Mockup
A mockup based on the Vega logo. (Picture: Mockup PCBC)

In the CompuBench database an entry has been leaked that could show the first AMD Radeon Navi graphics card. It is faster in gaming than the RX Vega 64.

Radeon Navi: AMD could become competitive again

The graphics card market is currently extremely interesting to watch. While Nvidia is launching one model after the other on the market, AMD is in a dilemma. The company simply cannot keep up with the competition at the moment. The last graphics card to be launched was the Radeon VII, which delivers respectable performance, but in most cases simply can’t get past the RTX 2080. AMD do not reach the top of the field anyway, but at least in the middle class the red team could almost always score.

However, there are also some problems in the middle class at the moment. At the start of the GTX 1660 Ti, AMD had no suitable competitor and simply made the RX Vega 56 cheaper for a limited time. But this is definitely not a real solution in the long run. The rescue should be the next graphics architecture AMD brings to the market. It’s called Navi and is the sixth Graphics Core Next version, GCN6. There have been many leaks for quite some time now. The biggest leak at the beginning of December spoke of the performance of the RTX 2070 for 249 US dollars for the top model RX 3080. However, how well Navi will actually perform then remains to be seen. The launch of the 7nm graphics cards is planned for the second half of 2019. Recently, a promising benchmark of a supposed Navi graphics card showed up.

Leaked benchmark shows graphics performance above the RX Vega 64

The graphics card with the name AMD 66AF:F1 turned up in two benchmarks at once. On the one hand there are results in the CompuBench 1.5 benchmark, on the other hand the graphics card can also be found in the GFXBench 5.0 benchmark. The generic graphics card should already be a Navi graphics card. This is also indicated by the benchmark results. If you compare the generic graphics card with an RX Vega 64, the RX Vega 64 performs much better in most compute benchmarks. However, it is behind in benchmarks that relate to actual graph calculations. This fits well into the picture of the Navi graphics cards, which are supposed to be optimized primarily for gaming and less for compute performance. For this sector AMD also offers the Radeon VII, while Navi will be used for PC gamers or consoles like the Playstation 5. With a performance of this potential Radeon RX 3080 above the RX Vega 64, the rumors could also be true that AMD will compete against the RTX 2070.

Whether the benchmark is an authentic result is something that only time can tell. It will take some time until Navi will be released. The last rumored date of launch was 7th of July 2019, the same date on which the third generation of Ryzen processors could start.

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