GTX 1660 Ti appeared at Russian retailer and TU116 at AIDA64

Nvidia GeForce GTX
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The information about the GTX 1660 Ti becomes more concrete. A Russian dealer has listed them. AIDA64 now knows the matching chip called TU116.

GTX 1660 Ti appeared at russian dealer

The GTX 1660 Ti will probably be the absolute mainstream graphics card from Nvidia. It comes without raytracing hardware and is said to be at about the same level as the GTX 1070, but much cheaper. The number of CUDA cores has already been known for some time, at 1,536. This is now confirmed by several entries in Russian online shops. One shop had listed a Palit GeForce GTX 1660 Ti StormX for a short time including technical data. This also reveals further details of the new graphics card. The base clock should be 1,500 MHz, while the boost clock should be 1,770 MHz. As memory 6 Gigabyte GDDR6 are confirmed, which are connected with a 192 bit interface. Only the memory clock of 6,000 MHz is clearly below the 7,000 MHz of the other RTX models. The number of texture units should be 96. The chip is manufactured in 12nm.

AIDA64 now knows the TU116

Also the software tool AIDA64 now knows the TU116 chip, which is shown in the new beta version 5.99.4944. In this one the chip is already listed under this name, which raises the suspicion that it is actually built into the GTX 1660 Ti. AIDA64 does not mention the name of the graphics card in the release notes yet. However, the software tool indirectly confirms that a chip actually exists in this class.

The GTX 1660 Ti will be launched on 15 February. It should cost 279 US dollars, which is already relatively expensive compared to the RTX 2060. Among them there should also be a GTX 1660 and a GTX 1650 available for 229 and 179 US dollars, respectively. However, they will not be launched until later, specifically at the beginning and end of March. Little is known about the latter of the two cards.

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