Livestream: AMD keynote at CES 2019, maybe with Ryzen 3000 and Vega 2

AMD CES 2019 Livestream
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AMD’s livestream for CES 2019 starts today at 9am PT and is expected to feature Ryzen 3000 and a new Radeon GPU called Vega 2.

The livestream on YouTube

AMD at the CES 2019: 7nm, and that everywhere

Over the past two years, AMD has stirred up the CPU market in particular. With the new Zen architecture, the Epyc processors and above all Ryzen, the company kept its competitor Intel in check and changed the market noticeably. More cores became the trend. By now, eight cores are no longer a rarity and have become significantly more affordable thanks to AMD. More seemed unlikely for the mainstream market, but with the 7nm process this could change significantly. However, AMD does not only have the processors in its sights, also the graphics card market should continue to progress. Especially for gamers, the Radeon GPUs have not always been a good choice. With the Turing generation, the competitor Nvidia has further extended its lead, especially in the high-end sector. But this could also significantly change through the 7nm structure width.

Ryzen 3000 and Vega 2 could be introduced today

For CES 2019 AMD has once again set a big keynote. That’s nothing unusual, but the leaks that appeared in the weeks before make many people eagerly await the keynote. The company is supposed to have two product bombs burst at CES. At 9am Pacific Time the livestream starts.

Let’s start with Ryzen 3000. AMD’s introduction of the new Ryzen generation is very expected. On the one hand Epyc 2 alias Rome and thus Zen 2 has already been introduced, on the other hand there are already listings and leaks to the new processors. The biggest leak comes from the YouTuber AdoredTV, which has leaked technical data and prices of the new Ryzen lineup. AMD is said to have been particularly successful in terms of increasing core counts and clock speeds. The Ryzen 3 models start at six cores, Ryzen 5 at eight cores and Ryzen 7 at 12 cores. AMD introduces a 9 series similar to Intel. The Ryzen 9 models are supposed to contain 16 cores and, among other things, the highest clock rates. For the time being, the top model will be the Ryzen 9 3800X with 16 cores and up to 4.7 GHz clock speed. It has already been listed together with other processors at a Russian retailer. We expect exact details in the livestream today.

A Radeon graphics card will also be presented at CES 2019, according to the latest leaks. But what exactly it is is still pure speculation. At the beginning of December AMD registered a brand called Vega 2 or Vega II. Whether it is a professional or gamer graphics card is still completely unclear. It would be logical however that it is a gamer model based on Vega 20 which relies on the 7nm process. Exact information on this might also be in the keynote. However, we think it’s unlikely that AMD already gives a preview of the upcoming architecture called Navi. The RX 3060, RX 3070 and RX 3080 are supposed to reach the performance level of the RTX 2070 at a very reasonable price. This suggests at least one leak, which also comes from AdoredTV. Tonight we’ll know. We’ll keep you updated!

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