der8auer OC Frame: Direct Die cooling now also for Intel 9th generation processors

der8auer Intel 9th Gen OC Frame
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Roman der8auer Hartung has released a new product. With the Intel 9th Gen OC Frame Intel CPUs of the ninth generation can be cooled without heatspreader.

Direct Die cooling now also available for Core i processors

If you want to get the most out of an Intel processor, you usually have to delid it and swap the heat-conducting paste. A Direct Die cooling goes one step further. Here you save the intermediate layer of the heatspreader and put the cooler, in most cases a water cooling block, directly on the processor die. This allows the cooler to dissipate the heat even better. This is one of the last measures to improve the heat dissipation, but if you want to get the most out of your system, you might be happy about such a solution.

Besides the delidded processor, a frame is needed to fix the processor in the socket. The hardware dealer Caseking has been selling a suitable frame for Skylake-X for some time now. This was designed by the extreme overclocker Roman Hartung aka der8auer. Hartung has now also developed such a frame for the ninth generation of Intel Core i processors. Processors such as the Intel Core i9-9900K, i7-9700K or i5-9600K can now be delidded and directly cooled at the die.

Frame instead of socket holder

The der8auer Intel 9th Gen. OC-Frame is the newest product of Roman Hartung. With the frame a decapitated Intel processor of the ninth generation can be operated without heatspreader. The aluminium frame replaces the socket frame, which is installed on every mainboard for Intel processors. It holds the processor directly on the socket. A cross brace with a matching recess then allows a processor cooler to be securely attached. Liquid metal is recommended here as heat conducting paste. Only with the coolers there can be problems, since most coolers with spacers are exactly adapted to the height of the Intel sockets. Roman simply recommends using alternative screw connections.

The only limitation of the der8auer Intel 9th Gen OC Frame is the use with other processors. Since Intel has used a thicker circuit board for the ninth generation of the Core i processors, the height position is slightly different from the previous Coffee Lake generation. The Direct Die Frame is therefore not compatible with Coffee Lake or the previous generations. The Direct Die Frame can already be ordered directly from Caseking for 29.90 Euros.

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