AMD Navi: RX 3080 allegedly as fast as RTX 2070, costs $250 US

AMD Radeon RX Navi Logo Mockup
A mockup based on the Vega logo. (Picture: Mockup PCBC)

AMD’s Navi graphics cards named RX 3080, 3070 and 3060 leaked out. The RX 3080 should be as fast as an RTX 2070, but only cost 250 US dollars.

AMD Navi is supposed to mix up the middle class

The graphics card market is currently pretty stuck. While Nvidia can sell the RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti at high prices, there is no real resistance from AMD. The Navi architecture will be the successor of Vega and Polaris and will bring new momentum to the market. AMD is said to bring out initially only middle class graphics cards on the level of the GTX 1080 or RX Vega 64. A recent leak also shows that Navi could first be released as a version with 40 CUs in the first half of 2019. With the 7nm structure width AMD could also reach the level of the RTX 2080. The company itself recently emphasized that Navi should also play a role in the high-end sector. Now the first three models leaked out.

RX 3080 should be as fast as the RTX 2070

The YouTuber AdoredTV has received information from several sources regarding AMD’s new graphics card generation. The first three models will be called RX 3080, RX 3070 and RX 3060 and will primarily target Nvidia’s mid-range segment. The name could not be chosen by chance. Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards have the naming scheme 2080 or 2070 after all. As with the Ryzen chipsets in relation to Intel, AMD could use the name of the next generation of the competitor. On the other hand, AMD would also come up with a similar naming scheme with Ryzen 3000.

With regard to performance, there are also some initial statements. Thus AMD apparently actually brings the new generation first in the middle class. The RX 3080 is supposed to compete with the RTX 2070 and show an increase in performance of 15 percent compared to the RX Vega 64. The TDP of the Navi 10 chip should be 150 watts, 8 gigabytes of GDDR6 are used as graphics memory. Also the RX 3070 should count on 8 gigabyte GDDR6 memory and come to the level of the RX Vega 56. The chip should be Navi 12 and has a TDP of 120 watts. The direct competitor would be here the RTX 2060 and/or at present the GTX 1070. The RX 3060 is the entrance into the Navi series. The chip should also be based on Navi 12, but with 75 Watt TDP. The video memory is 4 Gigabyte GDDR6. With these specifications, it should reach the performance level of the RX 580 and is thus the direct competitor of the GTX 1060 or a potential RTX 2050.

Low prices are the AMD argument

The really best argument of the RX 3000 series is the price. AdoredTV states that the RX 3080 will be on the market for 250 US dollars. Even as an MSRP price, this is half the price of the RTX 2070. The RX 3070 and the RX 3060 are also supposed to get a good price. Thus, the RX 3070 allegedly costs 200 US dollars, while the RX 3060 only costs 130 US dollars. It remains to be seen how much the rumors are worth. It is still unknown when the graphics cards will be launched on the market, but there could be initial information about at CES 2019.

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  1. I think the price will be a bit higher to leave room for Rx 580/Vega64, Rtx 2070 performance + low TDP for 40$ higher than Rx 580 seems hard to believe in.

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