Nvidia Turing: Founders Editon seems to break rapidly often

Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition
(Picture: Nvidia)

The Turing graphics cards from Nvidia as Founders Edition seem to break very often. Users report failures and many problems.

Founders Edition of Turing very buggy

In the forums of Nvidia and Reddit there are more and more complaints about the new Turing graphics cards as a Founders Edition. Users report a multitude of errors. Image artifacts, bluescreens or even complete failures are supposed to occur. Defective coolers and logo lighting are also an issue. Especially the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti in the Founders Edition are affected. However, there are also reports of failing partner cards. The high number of reports shows that this is probably a bigger problem. Users also report that they have already received exchanged RMA cards with new or identical errors.

Poor quality?

Where the error is actually located is not yet clear. But it seems to come to a lot of failures, so there is a real shitstorm about Nvidia at the moment. The graphics cards and components of the Founders Edition are supposed to be poor quality. The frustration of the buyers is also understandable in a certain way. After all, you pay $799 for an RTX 2080 in the Founders Edition, the RTX 2080 Ti even costs a whole &1,199. You can expect a certain level of quality for the high prices. Whether the accumulation of defects is now pure coincidence or actually due to poor quality or errors in production, is currently difficult to say. Nvidia itself has not yet made a statement about the defects.

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  1. Das nenne ich mal eine kurze Revolution zumindest wer Klug ist kann sich heute noch bei einer Reklamation sein Geld zurück holen. Nur dumm wer dann seine alte Karte verkauft hat. Zumindest die AMD Spitzenmodelle sind vielleicht etwas weniger flott aber haben optimierte Treiber und schon ganz sicher die Nerven und den Geldbeutel.
    Navi von AMD wird sowieso sicher schneller als Nvidia kommt aber eben erst Sommeranfang 2019 wahrscheinlich.

  2. My Gigabyte 2080 Ti seems to be fine but I have only had it for under a week. I did have some issues when I first got it with the TDR being tripped whenever the card was under heavy load but that was fixed with a BIOS update – literally the first GPU BIOS update that I have needed to have done in the past decade or longer.

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