AMD RX 590 is said to be launched on November 15, Benchmark leaked

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AMD’s recently leaked RX 590 is supposed to be launched on November 15. Another benchmark of the mid-range GPU has also been leaked.

AMD’s mid-range refresh starts soon

New rumors about an AMD RX 590 have been circulating for some days now. A first leaked benchmark revealed the name, while a second leak of an Asus ROG Radeon RX 590 Strix confirmed the whole thing. With the successor of the RX 580, AMD once again brings a refresh of its own Polaris architecture. However, there are some detail changes. Polaris 30 will no longer be manufactured with the 14nm structure width 14LPP+, but with 12nm and 12LP respectively. Thus, a slight increase in performance and lower power consumption could be achieved once again. Another leakter benchmark in the online database of Final Fantasy XV now shows the performance plus once again. Also a launch date for the RX 590 already exists.

Launch on November 15th, Benchmark leaked

The guys from Hardwareluxx learned from industry sources that AMD had even planned the launch of the RX 590 earlier. Due to unknown problems, the company has postponed the launch until November 15th. It is still unknown whether the first models will be available on this day.

How much better the new graphics card performs compared to its predecessor, the RX 580, has already been demonstrated by a benchmark. Another Final Fantasy XV benchmark that appeared confirms this increase once again. In the three benchmarks, the RX 590 is between 11 and 17 percent ahead of the RX 580. How the graphics card performs in other application scenarios is not yet known. The Final Fantasy XV benchmark is also actually designed for Nvidia graphics cards, which perform much better here.

Nvidia starts GTX 1060 with GDDR5X

Although Nvidia actually already offers stronger graphics cards with the new Turing generation, the manufacturer still fears for its mid-range revenues. Since the RX 590 probably also performs much better than the GTX 1060 comparable to the RX 580, Nvidia has planned a GTX 1060 with GDDR5X memory. How much the memory upgrade provides is still unknown. However, the procedure indicates that it might take even longer until Nvidia launches a GTX 2060 or GTX 2050 (Ti) on the market. By then, AMD’s Navi generation could already be on the market.

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