AMD Polaris 30: Asus ROG RX 590 Strix leaked

AMD Radeon RX
(Picture: AMD)

The RX 590 seems to come for gamers after all. A leaked Asus ROG RX 590 Strix confirms this now. Asus probably drops the AREZ brand.

Polaris 30: faster RX 580 in the pipeline

While Nvidia has launched the Turing series, AMD currently has a problem with graphics cards. The own products cannot keep up with Turing at the moment. That could change only with Vega 20 7nm. The architecture is supposed to be 25 percent faster than Turing, but will probably only come as a Radeon Instinct version for servers. In 2019, the first version of Navi will appear as a mainstream graphics card. In the meantime, AMD doesn’t have anything to compete with the Turing generation.

Also the recently leaked RX 590 is no real competitor for Turing. It is still the Polaris architecture, in this case Polaris 30 as successor of Polaris 20, but manufactured in the more efficient 12nm process. AMD is not supposed to name the graphics card RX 680, but RX 590. This could demonstrate the proximity to the previous generation. According to the latest benchmark leak, the graphics card is a good 15 percent faster than the RX 580. We assumed that the Polaris 30 could mainly be a mining graphics card, as this market also wants to be served. However, a leak shows that the graphics card might come out as a gaming model as well.

Asus ROG RX 590 Strix leaked

The information comes from the very well connected site Videocardz, whose creators also have many insider connections to manufacturers. Accordingly, an Asus ROG Radeon RX 590 Strix Gaming is planned. It’s interesting to note that Asus seems to be dropping the AREZ brand. The graphics card is definitely under the ROG brand. Asus had introduced the brand AREZ instead of ROG through the pressure of the Nvidia GeForce partner program. Earlier rumors that the AREZ brand would not come onto the market at all after the GeForce partner program was terminated turned out to be false. The Asus ROG RX 590 Strix now shows, that the manufacturer will probably also rely on the Republic of Gamers brand for Radeon graphics cards in the future.

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